• IS09001 2015

Mixing Machine Gears


As part of our largest ever export order to the USA, NTG manufactured 18,  standard ground helical gear sets for an  American mixing machine company, to be installed in a world-renowned chemical company’s plant in Philadelphia. The gears were manufactured to AGMA 13 standards (US standard for High Precision Ground Gears).

These helical gear elements were 850mm diameter by 1,000mm long and the mating ground helical pinion was 160mm diameter by 900 mm long. The helical gear wheels were manufactured in 2 pieces with the helical gear shrunk onto a carbon steel hub, and gear ground as an assembly, maintaining the exacting concentricity required to ensure low noise levels and long life.

These sets were supplied as matched helical gear sets, the first 3 sets were delivered by air in 8 working weeks from receiving the order, the balance of 15 helical gear sets was shipped by sea to save on transport cost. NTG took sole charge of project managing the work, sourcing material from a Spanish forge on a short lead time to allow parts to be delivered to the tight schedule demanded, and taking care of all shipping and export paperwork.

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